Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Take these rings, stow them safe away I'll wear them on another rainy day.

1. I've decided that I want to turn one of my old scripts "A Life Unusual" into a graphic novel so I've been looking for artists that may want to work on it with me. I'm kinda stoked by the idea!

2. The new Weakerthans album "Reunion Tour" is AMAZING! I am so glad that i have it. The whole thing is great! I'm trying really hard not to burn myself out of the album too quick- which is kinda hard because i want to know all the words by heart right now!

3. You ever get the feeling that none of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs lyrics make any sense? I do. I don't know, maybe they are just 'above me' or something. all the same, i like them- I just wish that I could really grasp Karen O's words. I feel like every time I come close I lose it- why do "maps" not love them like she loves them?

4. I met Brendon Small last night - he of Home Movies fame. Very nice. I kinda had to hold my fan boy in. He was pretty laid back and I was trying to seem cool as i slowly unspooled my many questions and bits of praise. It took so much strength not to scream "I WANNA PARTY WITH YOU!" - until I realized that, actually, I kinda was. Me and Ruby and a few other cool comics (Ron "Mr. Lynch" Lynch.) were just sitting around a table hanging out. I am so used to having to explain how much I admire someone's work in the span of 5 seconds (before they either run away or have me escorted away from their office, vacation house or 5 year old daughter's birthday party). I had so much more time here. I got to hear a pretty sad story about M. Night Shamalan. Possibly just a rumor but possibly not. Apparently he has a habit of dangling parts in his films in front of aspiring actresses and then firing them if they spurn his sexual advances. Yuck. What a let down. Man, you'd think I'd be used to my heroes letting me down but it still stings a little every time (even after they've made Lady in the Water).

Sleep Well.


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skye said...

you met brendon small!?!? awesome!!

eww. that is a really disappointing rumor.